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6 Internationalization

Language of schtonk may be changed, language selected by the requested URL. Eg, if you're asking for page number 69 and you do it with url


you may also say


to ask for schtonk to behave in swedish. Page content is not translated. Schtonk has some strings inside, like edit-buttons and such and this language specification in URL affects those. It will in no way change content of the pages. Nor is the language code stored with page contents. Language code is passed to TCL interpreter so any TCL snippet is free to behave differently based on language. If no language is specified, schtonk defaults to english. This is stated in beginning of g.tcl if another default language should be set as default.

If it is desired the same content to be available in multiple languages, separate pages (separate pageid-numbers) need to be opened for each language.

Schtonk includes a form-app for adding translations. After a translation is finished, backend.tcl needs to be re-started as it reads the translations from db only at startup. The translation app is quite rough but works.