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8 Different g.tcl incarnations

When deploying schtonk e.g. copying g.tcl to place where httpd can find it when user wants https://your.ser.ver/cgi-bin/schtonk/g.tcl it is required in order to make schtonk1 to behave correctly to link or copy g.tcl to multiple names. Each of these names corresponds to different command that g.tcl sends to backend.tcl. In normal unix way the linking goes somehow like this

     cp g.tcl /usr/local/schtonk/
     cd /usr/local/schtonk
     ln g.tcl e.tcl
     ln g.tcl a.tcl
     ln g.tcl b.tcl
     ln g.tcl d.tcl
     ln g.tcl e.tcl
     ln g.tcl f.tcl
     ln g.tcl h.tcl
     ln g.tcl q.tcl
     ln g.tcl r.tcl
     ln g.tcl s.tcl

The different commands have the following meaning

this is explained also in documentation of TCL procedure server_of_the_client at as it is the procedure that is called when g.tcl sends orders to backend.tcl. As each of these copies is hit due to different URL passed by http client the first letter of the file names becames the 'command' that is the first thing in argument list of procedure server_of_the_client in


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