schtonk 0.03 - 0.04 differences

        * backend.tcl:
         base-url for schtonk has changed from /cgi-bin/schtonk/ to just
         plain /schtonk/ because apache wanted to keep /cgi-bin/ to its
         own configuration .. urls look tidier now but this is a bit 
         incompatibility-kind-of-issue related to previous versions. 

         character used to mark links has been changed from odd arrow
         to more friendly "angle quotation marks" that are found in more

         old database password schemantics still apply but if there is
         a database/user/password combination in environment variables,
         it is used ; this change is to support dbconfig_common that
         now configures your database if you install from debian package.

        * build process
         go ahead, type "make deb" and you'll get a debian package. 
         it might be good idea to replace the signing-key id from Makefile
         with an id for which you actually have a signing key. 

         on the other hand, "make install" now installs in very odd
         place, most likely resulting in non-functional install if you
         don't copy things to place by hand. 

        * documentation
         is now not up-to-date because of first item listed in this file.
        * dependencies
         unchanged ; but if. if you install debian package then it requires
         you to have mysql-server in the same box. if you disagree, grab
         the tar.gz and change dependencies in control-file and rebuild. 
         it also states dependency to apache2 so if you run any other
         httpd you may want to change that. it tries to configure apache2 
         by giving a conf file snippet to it so there is kind of new 
         dependency ; if apache2 is missing it should still install but
         you need to configure that another httpd of yours by hand. 

        * installation
         it turns out that default mysql-5 install in debian has blank
         database admin password ; as installation from debian package 
         ask for database admin password and you have not changed that
         yourself, a blank must be entered. it works but is odd. 

Antti Järvinen
Last modified: Fri Dec 26 23:45:34 EET 2008