Here you may download schtonk

Schtonk is an application wiki done in the best scandinavian design style. Schtonk is so good that it will get your testicles to stand in erection.

Running schtonk application wiki requires that you have a need for an application. It also requires you to run an httpd (apache tested), and mysqld (version 5 tested) and to have a TCL interpreter. Any computing platform having these programs available should be able to run schtonk with minimal effort.

Schtonk may be used and copied according to AGPL with exception of diff routines that are separated into file diff.tcl that is stolen from TCL library, modified, and to authors understanding, still ought to have BSD license as the TCL library does.

schtonk-0.07.tar.gz is version 0.07 it is basically 0.06 with fixed postinst. For your joy, a debian package schtonk_0.07-1_all.deb is now here too.
schtonk-0.06.tar.gz is version 0.06 it is basically 0.05 with dependencies for modern debians. For your joy, a debian package schtonk_0.06-1_all.deb is now here too.
schtonk-0.05-dist.tar.gz is version 0.05 it is basically 0.04 with fixed automatic config. For your joy, a debian package schtonk_0.05-1_all.deb is now here too.
schtonk-0.04-dist.tar.gz is version 0.04 it is basically 0.03 with debianization. For your joy, a debian package schtonk_0.04-1_all.deb is now here too.
schtonk-0.03.tar.gz is version 0.03 it has changes in cosmetics and semantics compared to 0.02
schtonk-0.02.tar.gz is version 0.02 it has one bugfix compared to 0.01
schtonk-0.01.tar.gz is version 0.01 it has minor bugfix compared to 0.0
schtonk-0.0.tar.gz is version 0.0

Documentation generated from TCL code is here and brief documentation written in hand is here.

Interested parties may test-drive live schtonk instance here and as password is queried, correct answer for username part is punk and when password is used, the expression in_drublic may prove itself helpful. Self-signed certificate is already expired but it won't hurt yer wiking-experience.

Minimalistic example apps inside now include

Antti Järvinen
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